Our versatile material range and individual color design enable customer-based interior textile design – individually created entities. When choosing the textiles for your premises, we kindly offer our expertise and services:

  • we design and help you to choose the fabric qualities and the colors that meet the requirements of the space and its atmosphere
  • we make projection drawings demonstrating the color, the design and the types of the curtains
  • for 3D interior design drawings we provide the files of our designs (jpg, tiff, pdf)
  • we deliver the sample fabrics of your demand
  • we are also happy to take care of the whole project from design to set up.

The colors and the qualities of our fabrics are always chosen according to the use of the textiles, matching the architecture and the tones of the interior.

Along with the standard collection, we offer textile design services: possibility to create the prints especially for you.

You have the vision – we have the tools to make it happen.

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