We have renewed our websites!

We have renewed our websites – come and take a look!

Now it is easier to explore the collection also with your mobile devices, and for example to find all product and material information from one place.

But especially we have wanted to showcase our versatile collection better!

The flame retardant curtain fabrics are still the core of the collection.
As a new service and option, we have composed a few standard color combinations for all of our designs. Free choice of colors is all the more the cornerstone of our production, and you can use these standards as an inspiration or a quide line to your own color design.


The versatile fabrics and wide material range have inspired us to create new products: durable and sustainable accessories for learning and day-care environments, senior homes as well as for official interiors. Cosy cushions and customisable footstools with organic lines and timeless pieces of natural motifs. Colors, textures and feeling of the material.


We kindly invite you also to take a look at our services: flexible, cost conscious and customer oriented services for all stages of designing and purchasing textile entities.

For humane and happy environments!