The Bear Cave Suite

Textile – the interplay of the material, color, structure and pattern – is always a rousing and an inspiring affair.  Textile or fabric itself seldom is the final target; the importance is on the impact and performance. Behind the design process there is an understanding of the needs and nature of the space and the user, as well as the requirements and standards set for fabrics in public spaces. Entities spring to life in interaction, by collaboration.

Since 2016 we´ve had the joy to design the textiles for Hotel Iso-Syöte,
and now we invite you too peak into the Bear Cave Suite.

Textiles have an essential role in, especially in hotel interiors. Textiles enhance the athmosphere of the space, heighten its uniqueness and elegancy. Fabrics, textile materials and textures offer visual and tactile experiences.

When designing Hotel Iso-Syöte textiles, the main focus was on textures created by the means of material variance and structure. Organic lines of the design Ruode were harnessed to serve and enhance these aims: to create luxurious woollen curtains and cushions.

Colors, textures and the feeling of the material give joy for all your senses.
We design and help you to choose the fabric qualities and the colors that meet the requirements of the space and its atmosphere.

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