Hakalahti kindergarten

Taylor-made solutions and production is an everyday engagement for us, because all of our fabrics are produced individually for each project. The design, colors and fabric qualities are always chosen to meet the requirements of the space and its atmosphere.

Kindergartens are one example of premises, where identification is often made by utilizing colors. The effect colors of the walls and the furniture create individual atmosphere for every unit. And textiles are a good way to enhance the effect.

A fresh example of this kind of case and color coordination is Hakalahti kindergarten in Ylivieska. In January 2019 the kindergarten was ready for the final touch, furnishing plan had also already been made. And into these frames we made plans for curtains.

The colors were the starting point: the effect colors of the walls as well as the colors of the flooring, the tiles and the doors.

Curtain fabric colors were chosen according to these – not directly, but to complete the entity. So blue color gets response from yellow fabric print color, lilac is divided into blue and red, mint gets companion from turquoise, orange from terracotta and light yellow in pre-school walls is repeated with a bit stronger tone.

The curtain fabrics were printed with the design SAMMAL.

Two colored design with semi-covering pattern brings together the colors used in the interior surfaces and in furniture. In kindergarten cafeteria the design JOLIE is printed with the same fresh green and turquoise as the chairs of the space.

The decisions about the curtain models naturally depend on the function and the use of the curtains, as well as the desires of the users. Quite often these hopes need to be adapted to the physical realities, set by window models and location, and by the curtain tracks and hardware. This was the case in Hakalahti, too. For rooms with two or more windows with asymmetrical location, the long curtains create uniform horizontal effect.

For rooms with smaller windows or plentiful furnishing, vertical valances suit nicely.

The design and planning process went forward fluently:
Six weeks after the first meeting the sewer was ready for the delivery.

Week 3: Visiting the kindergarten
Discussions with the users
Documentation; colors and measurements

Week 4: First sketches and comments
Curtain models, colors and designs

Week 5: Finished plan for the entity
Definitions and measures for offer requests

Week 8: Fabrics arrive to the sewer

Week 9: Curtains ready for delivery

Week 10: The checkup