TANGO comes to life by the power of the colors and contrasts! Light lines and contiguous composition of the design TANGO offer opportunity for both elegant and dramatic effects.

Timeless design combined with our wide material range of the flame retardant ground fabrics and print colors of free choice, give tools for creating unique entities.

The Latin word tango means to touch. Touch and rhythm are also the themes of our entire collection. The task of the textile often is to finalize the space for future users. To create the space that delights all the senses – acoustically, tactilely and visually pleasing environment. The designs of our collection offer a diverse range of compositions and surfaces to guide the gaze and create rhythm in the space.

In the design MEMORE, indicative ones and zeros are composed on horizontal areas. Together with the wool blend fabric MEMO, it offers versatile tool for finishing spaces and interiors.

Versatile design MATKALLA by Studio Sirkus and Riikka Steinberg, is an excellent choice for many kinds of premises. The dynamic and distinct composition of the design creates an architectural, elegant scene. And our colored ground fabrics in a subdued shades complete the ensemble.

JOLIE’s densely surfaced pattern lends itself to both building colorful surfaces and creating harmonious moods. Jolie also gives you the opportunity to play with the pattern: by changing the height of the repeat, the density of the flowing lines changes, and the pattern changes its shape.

The fabrics of our collection are designed to tolerate time and usage. Finnish design and close cooperation with the Nordic contract manufacturers, guarantee flexible and high-quality production. Through professionals textile suppliers, our fabrics are available all over Finland.

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The flame retardant curtain fabrics

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