KIVIKKO round floor cushions

When choosing upholstery and interior fabrics, the abrasion resistance is an important selection criterion. In many cases, however, the fabric also faces a lot of other stress: sticky hands and food stains.

Our KIVIKKO, a fabric tolerating high landry temperatures and hard usage without pilling, meets such challenges!

Cosy KIVIKKO floor cushions are designed especially for day-care and learning environments:

  • Cushion cover is removable and can be washed in 60 degrees.
  • The carrying handle attached makes it easy to move the cushion.
  • For padding we offer either solid or crushed filling foam from leftover pieces.
  • Solid cushion is available fully draped or with anti slip fabric on the bottom.

And addition to this, KIVIKKO floor cushions are designed and produced in Finland!
The yarns used in the weaving process have Oeko-Tex and Bluesign certificates, and no unnecessary chemicals are used to finish the fabric.

KIVIKKO offers charming colors and lively textures for all your senses!
Please take a closer look at the product website, and download the product sheet!

KIVIKKO floor cushions – as well as its angular friend JOLLE – are designed especially for day-care and learning environments.

Please check also our collection of the flame retardant curtain fabrics, and especially new design PIILOSSA. The design PIILOSSA is printed in Finland, and as well as its fellow design HELMINAUHA, it makes a good company with KIVIKKO floor cushions.