Eija Nevala


I am a textile designer. The designs and motifs that I draw, are printed on the fabric and repeated identically meter after meter. I admire the regularity and stability that keeps patterns next to one another. I enjoy seeing small items turning into rhythms and large surfaces.

Nature and the cycle of life are often the source for my work. Each design is a world of its own. A mood created by colors, motifs and printing materials. It is fascinating to see how every design is recreated by varied colors and materials, and how the fabric bursts into bloom and becomes one with the space.

For me designing textiles is a matter of creating space and its atmosphere. Behind the design process there is an understanding of the needs and nature of the space and the user, as well as the requirements and standards set for fabrics in public spaces. For humane, sustainable and comfortable products and spaces!

If you´d like to read about my design processes, please take a look at the story of collection novelties Memo and Memore.