Hotel Iso-Syöte och Aurora sviter (in english)

The Aurora View suites at the Hotel Iso-Syöte were opened in the beginning of December 2016.  Ten two-floor suites offer luxury and northern mystic for the guests. The interior design materials of the suites have been chosen carefully: the reindeer fences on the bed room walls, textiles, copper sinks and cupboards along with crystal bright details create a fascinating atmosphere.

And we have had the privilege to be part in all this!

The delicate voilé fabric draping the second floor walls, is one of our new products. The fabric quality has been chosen and the tone of the color dyed especially for these suites, to match the grey reindeer fences as well as other materials of the space.

On the sofas there are sets of soft cushions, made of our woollen fabric Saana. The organic lines and carefully selected colors of the fabric refer to the nordic nature. Saana has also been used as an upholstery fabric of Linda-footstool (low floor).

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Interior design: Tatu Ahlroos, TCD – Taking care of design
Photo: Hotelli Iso-Syöte

The voilé fabric draping the second floor walls, is one of our new products. Along with the transparent voilés, the selection includes several other fabric qualities of double width. Double width fabrics are dyed for projects with special colors, and we offer these qualities especially for our contract customers.