Take a look at this Memo!

MEMO – the latest addition to our fabric collection – is designed for work and office environments. The small-scale patterned texture of the fabric is perfectly suitable for acoustic products, as well as for lounge furniture accessories.

The patterns of MEMO refer to biary code; stylized zeros and lines display variably depending on the thread and colors used in weaving. Flickering, like the blade of grass unveiled by the melting snow. Or like a distinct note, which you can return to, time and again.

MEMO can be combined with our other woolen & dencer fabrics, and is also available as one colored versions.

Premiere in the Vanha Villatehdas showroom, Oulu, on 14. – 18 May, 2019.

You are most warmly welcome to get acquainted with MEMO and the various color variations of the fabric!

The showroom open from Tuesday to Saturday 12- 18.
For further inormation, please contact info@eijanevala.fi or +358-50-3681814.