Textiles are an essential part of interior design: creators of the space and its atmosphere, builders of acoustic and visual environment. We proudly present our new design MATKALLA, which answers to this purpose by timeless means.

MATKALLA is designed by Studio Sirkus, Riikka Steinberg, Helsinki-based interior architect specialized in interior design for public spaces.

Versatile design MATKALLA is an excellent choice for many kinds of premises. For the kindergarten, MATKALLA brings color and movement. Referential pattering gives wings to imagination and makes a cozy frame for the play. In learning environments and work spaces the dynamic and distinct composition of the design creates an elegant scene.

MATKALLA Print colors NCS 1020-Y10R, 2040-Y10R, 2005-Y50R ja 1510-R (in front). FOOT STOOLS and FLOOR CUSHIONS: upholstery fabric MEMO (col. 122b) and KIVIKKO (col. 006, 003).
MATKALLA Print colors NCS 1502-Y, 0603-G80Y, 3020-Y90R. FOOT STOOLS: upholstery fabric MEMO (col. 121b, 122b and beige/custom).

MATKALLA can be printed with individually chosen colors, on any fabric of the selection. Our standard selection of fabrics includes several alternatives of qualities, fulfilling the requirements for textiles in public places. Trevira CS fabrics have Pro-TEX -classification and Öko-Tex, EMAS ja ISO 14001 certificates.