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Textiles create memorable spaces. Colors, textures and the feeling of the material give joy for all your senses. Arctic Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte is our recent example of how textiles enhance the atmosphere and heighten the uniqueness of the hotel. In every space of the hotel the decisions of the material, color and structure have been made to fit the interior and surface materials.

Please take a closer look in to the design process and the textiles of Arctic Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte.


Hotels, along with the churches, are the typical premises where textile designer’s expertise is utilized. For us designing the Hotel Iso-Syöte textiles was a wonderful project, but we´ve been happy to be able to offer custom-made fabrics also for example for care and learning environments.

The basis for this is our own collection. Longlasting patterns, versatile material range and individual color design enable customer-based interior textile design and individually created entities. For utilizing these tools, we offer visualization services.

Ruiskukka kindergarten, opened in the beginning of the year 2021, is a wonderful example of our visualization services, as well as of the flexibility of our collection.

Ruiskukka kindergarten, 2021. Photo: Hannu Uusitalo.

Read more about the project and take a closer look into the kindergarten!

The interior design of AVARIO architects and Tarja Korolainen was completed with our design, printed with theme colors old rose, turquoise and green. We offered the patterns and the fabric qualities fulfilling the requirements for textiles in public places, and made projection drawings demonstrating the color and the design.


Taylor-made solutions and visualizing designs is an everyday engagement for us. Today – thanks to the development project carried out last winter – our online service offers a free and easy access to our visualization services.

User-friendly digital environment keeps project documents in one place, and attainable for all the participants of the project. The service also offers an opportunity for discussion, co-design and project management.

Our online service is now open!

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