Design services (en)

Textiles are an essential part of interior design: creators of space and atmosphere, builders of acoustic and visual environments. Colors, textures and the feeling of the material give joy for all your senses. When choosing the textiles for your premises, we kindly offer You our expertise and products.


We design and help you to choose the fabric qualities and the textile entities that meet the requirements of the space and its atmosphere.

We work in close cooperation with architects, interior textile suppliers and other professionals involved in designing and purchasing textiles, offering flexible, cost conscious and customer oriented design services in all stages of designing and purchasing textiles.


Our mission is to help our customers and partners to find the best solutions for creating sustainable and comfortable spaces.

From sustainability and usability point of view, the knowledge of the materials, structures and standards is essential. Our know-how related both to the design and the manufacture processes, offers true alternatives and ways for fulfilling the ideas of the user centered design.


Sometimes standard products are not enough. Unique solutions are needed.

Taylor-made solutions and production is an every day engagement for us, because all of our fabrics are produced individually for each project. Direct cooperation with our contract manufacturers guarantee flexible production, high quality products and competitive prices also for exclusive projects.

Taylor-made solutions may mean making changes to our standard collection. And that has been done for example in Kokkola City Hall, where the color and the rhythm of the chosen design Jolie was modified to guarantee the perfect end result. In Hotel Iso-Syöte we have had the joy of designing completely new and unique patterns and fabric qualities for this magnificent hotel.