Project management (en)

Textiles can have a big impact on space and its visual and acoustic appearance. It is our mission to guarantee a successful curtain and textile delivery for our customers. In addition to selecting suitable materials and making product definitions, we can take care of the whole project, until the implementation and closure.


Our mission is to help our customers and partners to find the best solutions for creating sustainable and comfortable spaces. We have a long experience of working in the field of interior design projects. We offer our expertise and services for constructors, companies and public organizations in various stages of designing and purchasing textiles, blinds and curtain rods and brackets.


We work in close cooperation with the architects, constructors and final customers, and compose the documents that make the requests for quotation, evaluation and purchase easy. We offer know-how in coupling track and curtain supply and proficiency in orders and deliveries.


  • We choose the materials and product types that meet the requirements of the use and usability, paying attention to the costs and the life cycle of the product
  • We measure and specify the blinding system as well as the curtain tracks and hardware
  • We determine the fabric qualities suitable for the premises, and formulate instruction for implementation and set up
  • We work as consults to subcontractors and act as a liaison during the project, and the look over of the delivery.

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