Kempele health care center

In Kempele health care centre we have had a joy to offer our expertise both on designing and on consulting.

We worked in close cooperation with the architects and the users of the space, and helped to choose the fabric qualities, colors and types that meet the requirements of the space and the use of the products.

In order to make the purchasing process easier and to advance the curtain delivery, we also measured and specified the tracks and hardware for curtains and hospital cubicles, and composed the quotation documents . We worked as consults to constructors and subcontractors, and acted as a liaison during the whole project.

The interior designers and the personnel had chosen our designs for curtain fabrics. We helped to choose the fabric qualities and the textile entities that meet the requirements of the space and its atmosphere.

The process included color and curtain type design and visualization and sample fabric deliveries. The print colors of the designs Ruode and Jolie repeat the theme colors in each unit of the health care center. In cafeteria large windows open a view into the atrium: curtain print colors reflect the exterior and the brick red façade.

Kempele health care center

Architect: UKI Architects Oy


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